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Renew your membership!

NICCA Membership is due for renewal! Read below to learn about our revised membership terms or click here to become a member today! Already a member and need to renew? Log-in and click on renew.

In 2017, NICCA reviewed and revised our membership terms to take effect for FY2019. NICCA's new membership terms are outlined below.

  • Terms. Memberships will be 2-year memberships beginning in FY2019. Membership beginning on October 1, 2018 will expire on September 30, 2020 (FY2019-FY2020).

  • Dues. Dues for each membership category are outlined below.

  • Tribal CCDF Grantee membership dues are based on your current year CCDF allocation (or the most recent year published). Until final FY2019 allocations are determined by the Office of Child Care, Tribal CCDF Grantee membership will be based on FY2018 allocations. See below or click here for each Tribal grantees dues based on FY2018 allocations. As outlined in NICCA By-Laws, any individual associated with Tribal CCDF grantee programs must register their program as a member.

  • Associate membership dues are available to businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

  • Individuals associated with Tribal CCDF grantee programs must pay their Grantee membership dues in order to be an active member of NICCA.

  • Consortias. Tribal Grantee Consortia dues are based upon the consortia’s grant size and each consortia member Tribe’s dues are $100.

  • Member benefits for employees. All Tribal Grantee members and organizational members can identify up to 5 employees to receive membership benefits. Consortia members can identify up to 5 employees and each individual consortia member Tribe can identify up to 5 employees. Additional employees are required to pay individual membership dues. Individual members are not eligible for this benefit.

  • Allowable expense. NICCA membership dues are an allowable quality activities expenditure for CCDF programs because supports Tribal Lead Agencies in meeting the requirement to coordinate services with other Tribal, Federal, State, and/or local child care and early childhood development programs as outlined in section 98.14(a) of the CCDF regulations.

We have a great couple of years ahead -- celebrating our 25th Anniversary at the 2019 National Academy for Early Care and Education, a new year of Training Institutes, virtual firesides, and much, much more! Become a member today by clicking here.

We are excited to have you join us as we work towards improving child care and early learning opportunities for our Tribal children and families.


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