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Tribal CCDF

What is the Child Care and Development Fund?

The Child Care and Development Fund, commonly called CCDF, is a federal and state or tribal partnership program authorized under the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act (CCDBG) and administered by states, territories, and tribes with funding and support from the Administration for Children and Families’ Office of Child Care. States, tribes, and territories use CCDF to provide financial assistance to low-income families to access child care so they can work or attend a job training or educational program.


What is the purpose of CCDF?


Provides safe and stable child care for children in a nurturing environment


Contributes to improved job stability and is important to family's financial health

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Minimizes disruptions to a child's development and learning by promoting continuity of care

What are the basic elements of Tribal CCDF?

CCDF provides Tribal governments opportunity use Federal funding to design, implement, and support programs which are beneficial to the unique needs of our Tribal citizens. Programs are administered by the Tribal government.

Tribes may provide subsidy for child care services. Tribes may operate their own child care centers and/or contract with other licensed child care centers, family child care homes, and/or relative providers to care for eligible Indian children. Tribes may also use their funding for infrastructure development.

What does Tribal child care provide to children?

  • Supportive, responsive, and consistent relationships with caregivers

  • Safe and stable environments

  • Positive experiences and environmental influences

  • Healthy and nutritious choices

  • Economic benefit for families

  • Stable child care and learning opportunities for children

  • Flexibility for determining eligibility

  • Child-focused, family supported

  • Access to high-quality child care for most vulnerable children

What are the benefits of having a Tribal CCDF program?

By the Numbers

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Tribal CCDF Grantees serving over 500 Tribes


children served annually through Tribal CCDF programs


millions of dollars allocated annually for Tribal CCDF

Want more details? 

Download our CCDF 101 presentation which covers:

  • The authorizing legislation for CCDF and the Child Care and Development Block Grant;

  • The Final Rule, adopted in 2016, that outlines requirements for CCDF programs; 

  • Important dates for CCDF programs to follow;

  • An explanation of the tiered structure for Tribal CCDF grantees - different allocation sizes have different requirements;

  • Requirements in health and safety, equal access, consumer choices and access information, and quality; 

  • Subsidy eligibility explanations and requirements

  • Training requirements for CCDF programs and providers;

  • Tribal-state coordination requirements for CCDF programs; 

  • Program requirements and expectations for P.L. 102-477 Tribal programs; and

  • Definitions within the legislation and of acronyms.

Download the CCDF 101 Guide

On the Notice for Proposed Rulemaking

NICCA submitted formal comments for the Notice for Proposed Rulemaking. 

Tribal Request For Information

NICCA is hosting Tribal CCDF Administrator calls on the Third Tuesdays of each month through December 2023. The sessions are open only to Tribal CCDF Administrators. 

NICCA encourages Tribes, especially Tribal Leaders, to participate in all the opportunities to provide feedback hosted by the U.S. Department of Health Administration for Children and Families Office of Child Care. You can find all events here.

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