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The National Indian Child Care Association is the recognized representative body of the Tribal Child Care and Development Fund Grantees.  NICCA was established in 1993 to provide information, support, coordination, and advocacy for Tribal child care. Tribal child care programs serve over 300,000 American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children from over 500 Federally recognized Tribes across the United States. Participation in the Child Care and Development Fund allows Tribal governments the opportunity to design, implement, and support programs which are beneficial to the unique needs of our Tribal citizens.

Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life of Native Children through education, leadership, and advocacy.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote high quality culturally relevant child care and development and to unify tribes and tribal organizations by providing leadership, support and advocacy on behalf of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.


Our Vision

Tribal communities coming together to nurture & empower our children to lead our future.


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Our Impact


Early education professionals trained

Annual Impact Reports

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2017 Annual Report.png
2018 Annual Report.png
2019 Impact Report.png
2020-21 Impact Report.png

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