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Center for Native Child and Family Resilience - Application period is still open!

The Center for Native Child and Family Resilience (the Center) is a collaboration between JBS International, Inc., the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, and Mathematica Policy Research. In partnership with the Children’s Bureau, as well as Tribal communities, we are working to honor and develop knowledge of culturally relevant practice models, interventions, and services that contribute substantively to child maltreatment prevention efforts and family resilience in Indian Country. Together we are committed to building the evidence-base of Tribal child welfare knowledge and practice through evaluation and transfer the knowledge gained from the project, to the field.

On August 31, 2018 we announced a new opportunity for American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes, Tribal organizations, community-based Indigenous organizations, and other Tribally driven agencies that provide services to increase cultural resilience, increase child protective factors, and reduce risk of child maltreatment in Indian Country. The purpose of the Center is to increase awareness and understanding of Tribally engaged prevention and intervention efforts. It is a Quality Improvement Center (QIC) that will support and enhance resilience-related approaches to Tribal child welfare. The Center will also foster innovation in program design and development, model cultural compatibility in implementation, and uplift Indigenous ways of knowing in assessment and evaluation. Following review of the applications and a selection of the projects that will receive services from the Center, the participating organizations should expect to receive:

  • Access to Tribal expertise in knowledge development, specifically in Tribal research

  • Access to expertise in Tribally based prevention, intervention and evaluation

  • Onsite and in-person support in project planning and implementation

  • Capacity Building support and services

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Access to concrete and time-limited funds to use (e.g., database development, training, materials, curriculum, data collection, education, specialized certification, etc.)

There is still time for applications! The application period is open until October 31, 2018. We encourage you to consider submitting an application!

Please feel free to forward to anyone you think may be interested. To read more about the Center and the opportunity, please click on the following link and navigate to the Project Opportunity and Application sections:

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following address


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