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Health Consultant

To apply for this consulting position, send a cover letter and resume to



Health Consultant

This is a consulting position, not an employee. The position is located remotely, and extensive travel is required.

General Summary:

This position is responsible for supporting the facilitation of Health Services of Head Start/Early Head Start programs. The position assists with the development and implementation of the program, tracking and recordkeeping, including training and technical support to staff to help ensure health services are supported by consultants with training and experience in public health, nursing, health education, maternal and child health or health administration.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Monitor compliance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards and child care licensing guidelines, specifically related to health, mental health, nutrition and safety.

  2. Review policies and procedures that support the effective implementation of health services and provide training to new staff in implementing them.

  3. Review health service components including medical, dental, disability, mental health, nutrition and child safety program and provide T/TA related to CDI HS practices in each area.

  4. Maintain knowledge and records of local health and related resources and define procedures for effective use of these resources.

  5. Review the program’s system for providing health and nutrition education to families through workshops, parent meetings, handouts, etc. and provide supportive recommendations if practices need improvement.

  6. Support a plan and system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities within the program records and ensure documentation is complete.

  7. Review maintenance of health records. Ensure that health records are reviewed, evaluated and interpreted. Work with staff to assist with setting up a system to maintain vital statistics and other data affecting health services.

  8. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards including specific knowledge of Child Health and Nutrition portion of the Standards.

  9. Monitor the screening, re-screening and follow-up for all health services and provide assistance and recommendations based on CDI HS practices.

  10. Follow the state and federal regulations pertaining to child abuse and neglect and maintains strict confidentiality of all information. Coordinate with Parent, Family & Community Engagement staff in this area to make sure there is a system and training known by all staff.

  11. Work with staff to assist teachers to identify children who show signs of health problems.

  12. Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Education Requirements:

Considerable knowledge of health, nutrition, human development, community health, nursing principles, practices and procedures. Knowledge of public health programs and other resources and the availability of such programs in the community. Knowledge of local resources, languages and customs helpful.

  • Minimum of an Associate’s Degree in a health or nutrition field or other closely related field.


  • Experience working in public health or nutrition arena and working with low-income clients preferred. Experience and training in public health, nursing, health education, maternal and child health or health administration preferred. Experience and knowledge of family-strengths/family-centered practice preferred.

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