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Fireside Chat: What Keeps You Up at Night? | November 18

Over the past several months, our country has changed drastically. Our new normal means navigating everyday life with an evolving virus, bridging the gaps of understanding about racial justice more intricately into our work, and looking at what the next four years hold for us all. So, let's get together and just talk -- let's talk about how you are doing, how your community is doing, how your teachers and providers are doing, how your kids are doing (both at home and the one's you care for at work), or anything else that is keeping you up at night. 

Register to join us for this virtual discussion.

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CT

These virtual fireside chats are unscripted and open for any and all discourse. Please join us for this open dialogue on what is keeping you up at night.

Please note: Fireside Chats will soon become a members-only benefit. They are a valuable opportunity to connect with our peers during these not-so-normal times. If you aren't sure if you're a member, you can check here or contact us directly. If you need to reset your password, go here. If you know you aren't a member and need to join, you can do so here


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