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Parent, Family and Community Engagement Consultant

To apply for this consulting position, send a cover letter and resume to



Parent, Family and Community Engagement Consultant

This is a consulting position, not an employee. The position is located remotely and extensive travel is required.

General Summary:

This position works in partnership with the content area team of managers, coordinators and specialists to integrate Head Start/Early Head Start services for children and families. This position is assists with family and community engagement and services to include social services, ERSEA, child files, volunteers and parent engagement/fatherhood as well as child abuse and neglect related activities.

The Parent, Family & Community Engagement area of the Head Start/Early Head Start program plays an integral part of the larger system of services provided by Head Start/Early Head Start and plays an important part in supporting the goals of the program. This position is responsible for supporting systems to provide opportunities and support for growth of Head Start/Early Head Start families, so they can identify their own strengths, needs and interests and find their own solutions.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Monitor compliance with child care licensing guidelines and the assigned Head Start Program Performance Standards.

  2. Assist with establishing policies and procedures for the family and community partnership portion of the program that support the effective implementation of services to families.

  3. Assist with establishing policies and procedures for the social services portion of the program with parents and staff that support the effective implementation of these services.

  4. Work with Head Start staff to create a system for the provision of case management and referral for social services to Head Start/Early Head Start families in cooperation with other social services, health and mental health agencies and providers through community partnership agreements.

  5. Work with the other managers/specialists/coordinators to develop a system utilizing a child tracking system for implementation of family partnership agreements and the tracking of referrals, individual contacts, home visits and follow-ups (e.g. HSFIS, Child Plus, Child Tracks, File Tracks, etc.).

  6. Determine the collective training needs of the family services staff (case managers) and assist in training.

  7. Responsible for 1305(1302) ERSEA. Monitor waiting list and assures the list is viable each month. Coordinate recruitment activities in the community.

  8. Oversee and update all pertinent information in children's files in cooperation with the family services staff (case managers).

  9. Assist with periodic chart audits and case reviews.

  10. Set up systems for the tracking and case management systems of assigned team.

  11. Set up systems for family services staff (case managers) to develop individual training.

  12. Provide or arrange for training and technical assistance to staff and parents based upon pertinent issues/interests expressed in family profiles to include advocacy, family center approach, family literacy, self-sufficiency, child development, health, parenting skills and other topics as identified.

  13. Develop and implement a plan and system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of activities within the program to assure that family's needs are being met (family outcomes).

  14. Set up systems to direct services with families including the Family Partnership Agreement process, case management process, and referral and follow-up activities. Ensure that a family-strengths/family­ centered practice is understood and followed by staff.

  15. Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Education Requirements:

Considerable knowledge of social service delivery, community resources, requirements and procedures is required. Knowledge of family dynamics and strategies for male involvement. Thorough knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards and best practices related to human services program service delivery. Knowledge of family-centered practice.

  • Minimum of a credential or certification in social work, human services, family services, counseling or a related field and experience working with young children and families.

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