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Youth-Serving Organizations Doing Work in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

Please share the information below (and attached) with youth-serving organizations doing work in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. See more below about this project being led by the CDC Foundation.

Here is a project you might be interested in! The goal is to learn more about how youth-serving organizations approach child safety and child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention. The project is purposefully seeking feedback from youth-serving organizations that serve children in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. We recognize that Native Americans* have endured disproportionate and historical trauma, have been excluded from research about CSA prevention, and children are at disproportionate risk for experiencing abuse. (*We respectfully use the term “Native Americans” here to describe the hundreds of tribes, reservations, pueblos, and villages throughout the United States.)

Through this project, we seek to elevate Indigenous voices, using a culturally responsive lens through 90-minute, through virtual listening sessions so our revised resources can include their perspective and experience.

The project is being led by the CDC Foundation and taking an inclusive approach to learn from youth-serving organizations across the country and create resources to help them create safe, stable, nurturing environments for children in their care and prevent child sexual abuse.

If you're interested, you can:

Please see the attached flyer about the project to learn more. This is completely voluntary, but I thought you might be interested.

Flyer_Please Share Your Perspecitve
Download PDF • 358KB

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