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COVID-19 Response Webinar Series Resources

During May and June, NICCA held a 4-part webinar series on responding to COVID-19. The series focused on the funding opportunities through CCDF and how Tribal child care programs can best utilize these funds to support their own programs, their children and families, and the child care sector more broadly.

You can find links to the resources that were shared during the webinars below:

Part 1: CARES, CRRSA, and ARPA! Exploring how to serve with COVID-stimulus funding

Part 1 - COVID Relief Funding
Download PDF • 3.38MB

Part 2: Building child care capacity: Sharing ideas for using your stimulus funding

Part 2 - Building Child Care Capacity
Download PD • 7.89MB

Part 3: Building child care capacity: Rejuvenating child care and early learning systems

Part 3 - Building Child Care Capacity
Download PD • 9.90MB
Part 3 - (THRiVE) Building Child Care Ca
Download • 14.15MB

Part 4: Building child care capacity: How infrastructure development can add address challenges

Part 4-(THRiVE) Building Child Care Capa
Download • 13.36MB
Download • 2.07MB
Pandemic Resilience in Early Childhood E
Download • 2.31MB
How States Can Improve Child Care Facili
Download • 129KB

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