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Brief: Reflections on the Relevance of “Self-Regulation” for Native Communities

Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation in the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has published a new brief titled ‘Reflections on the Relevance of “Self-Regulation” for Native Communities as part of the Self-Regulation and Toxic Stress Series.

The brief merges to areas of focus at ACF related to community-engaged research with Native communities and the application of knowledge related to self-regulation to ACF programs. We now have a resource for Native communities that bridges those two areas. The creation of this resource has involved many conversations with many people over many years. Dr. Monica Tsethlekai from Arizona State University led its development.

Additional resources as part of the series include a snap shot focused on infants and toddlers and a practice brief focused on co-regulation from birth through young adulthood.


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