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2018 Training Institute: Continuity of Care & the How-Tos of Monitoring (Alaska)

Join the National Indian Child Care Association for

the second 2018 Training Institute in Anchorage, AK,

focusing on the importance of continuity of care and lessons in monitoring.

Explorations in Continuity of Care

8:30 pm - 5:00 pm CT

Continuity of care describes programming and policies that ensure children and families are consistently engaged in high‐quality learning experiences through stable relationships with caregivers who are sensitive and responsive to young child’s signals and needs. During this half-day workshop, attendees will explore this concept and the research and policies behind it, including implications from the CCDF Final Rule. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the importance of consistency in care and bonding with early learners and how this affects their programs within the CCDF Final Rule.


  • Tammy Charles, Director of Education, Wyandotte Nation

  • Sherry Rackliff, Executive Director, Delaware Child Development, Delaware Tribe of Indians

Foundations of and Tools for Monitoring

March 8, 2018 | 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CT

During this full‐day workshop, we will lay the foundation for understanding the rules and regulations behind monitoring requirements and take it a step further to explore what steps to take to conduct monitoring no matter what your requirements may be. Attendees will learn the basics of how to implement monitoring requirements, focusing on areas of ethics, communication, the balance of authority, working with program providers and homes. Additionally, attendees look at the consequences of overregulating and underregulating and explore the steps needed to document serious and non‐serious noncompliance. The workshop will also provide tips and strategies for ensuring your own personal safety when on the job.


  • Eloise Locust, Program Manager for Child Care Licensing, Cherokee Nation

  • Barbara O'Neal, Director of the Office of Child Care, Muscogee (Creek) Nation


Registration Fee: $100 (members) / $125 (Non-members)

This training is made possible through the generous support of individual donors.

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