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What can you do and why is it important?

What can you do?

Here are some important things you can (and should) do to help the entire nation during this time.

The World Health Organization (and Google) encourage you to "Do the Five":

Source: WHO / Google

We are also under a nationwide suggestion to practice social distancing. Elon University put together a graphic to show exactly what that is.

Some additional resources are available through the CDC:

Why is it important?

Below are some good articles about what to do and why it is important to follow the guidelines of the national experts -- governments, epidemiologists, and doctors. Ultimately, we are practicing these methods in order to reduce the burden to our health care system. Even if COVID-19 is not a major threat for you as an individual, it is a major threat to our systems and, thus, those individuals who are at a serious risk when contracting the virus. We must do our own parts to "flatten the curve".

Source: NPR | CDC

Additional Resources:

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