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Apply to Join the Commission on Professional Excellence in Early Childhood Education

Calling all Early Childhood Educators! Seventeen national organizations dedicated to young children have come together to form a new Commission on Professional Excellence in Early Childhood Education.

The Commission’s mission, as originally outlined in the Unifying Framework for the Early Childhood Education Profession, is to develop and promote the framework for a unified, cohesive, and equitable early childhood education profession informed by and in partnership with early childhood educators across states and settings.

Upon launch and in ongoing recognition of the importance of educators’ voices, the Commission is opening an application process for individual early childhood educators to apply to be co-equal, full voting members of the Commission. Applications are open until Friday May 27th, and all associated expenses for early childhood educators to participate will be covered by the Commission’s organizational members. The Commission will appoint up to seven early childhood educators, representing a diverse cross-section of the profession.

We urge our community members to apply to serve! Here are links to additional details:

If you have more questions about the Unifying Framework and this Commission, please check out these comprehensive FAQs!

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