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At-Home Learning Kits

From language and reading to math and science, these 18 kits—for infants to fifth grade—are packed with hands-on materials to support distance learning.

Designed with families in mind, these kits were specifically grouped to hit a variety of skills/standards per age level.  All kits are developmentally appropriate and should help families continue learning for weeks while at home.  These will be fantastic resources for summer engagement and continued learning, and even at-home learning if needed as school starts back up in the fall and beyond.  There are two kits per age level.  Lakeshore would recommend purchasing kit A first and then follow up with kit B for all levels kinder through fifth grade. 


Developed in partnership with NICCA, Lakeshore created content-rich activity guides for each kit—for even more at-home learning! 

Look for the red Shop NICCA Kits link on the homepage. 
Username: NICCA  |  Password: lakeshore
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