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National Indian Child Care Association

Program Manager


National Indian Child Care Association


Part Time

About the Role

NICCA is seeking an experienced Program Manager to supervise a wide range of programs. The Program Manager will be responsible for the delivery and overall success of each program and reporting progress and performance to the Executive Director.

A successful Program Manager must have a demonstrated knowledge of program management principles. The goal is to ensure every program will be delivered successfully and add the highest possible value to achieve the mission of the organization.


  • Thorough understanding of project/program management techniques and methods 

  • Excellent knowledge of performance evaluation techniques and key metrics 

  • Outstanding knowledge of data analysis, reporting and budgeting 

  • A business acumen with a strategic ability 

  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills An analytical mindset with great problem-solving abilities Excellent communication skills 

  • Previous Tribal child-care experience is preferred but not required 


  • Initiate and set goals for programs according to the strategic objectives of the organization

  • Plan the programs from start to completion involving deadlines, milestones and processes

  • Develop and maintain programming and operations budgets

  • Devise evaluation strategies to monitor performance and determine the need for improvements

  • Discover ways to enhance efficiency and productivity of operations

  • Apply change, risk and resource management principles when needed

  • Ensure program operations and activities comply with legal guidelines and internal policies

  • Keep the Executive Director informed with detailed and accurate reports or presentations

About the Company

The National Indian Child Care Association is the recognized representative body of the Tribal Child Care and Development Fund Grantees. The Association was developed in 1993 to provide information, support, coordination, and advocacy for Tribal child care. Two hundred sixty Tribes and Tribal organizations received Child Care and Development Funds in FY 2008. The Child Care and Development Block Grant is the single largest program authorized under the Personal Responsibilities and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) affecting Tribal governments. Participation in the Child Care and Development Fund allows Tribal governments the opportunity to design, implement, and support programs which are beneficial to the unique needs of our Tribal citizens.

NICCA is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all qualified individuals to apply.

Contact for questions.

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