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Research opportunities in Chinle, Shiprock, and Phoenix

The University of Colorado School of Medicine is ramping up their Native youth diabetes prevention clinical trial, starting with hiring nine PRA-level staff members (six full-time and three part-time) across three locations in New Mexico and Arizona. We are looking for individuals who have experience working with Native populations that we can train to deliver lifestyle group classes, support families as they go through the program, and do data collection, including blood draws. Please see the attached job descriptions for a full outline of needs. Chinle Shiprock Phoenix

New Information Memoranda on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

From the Office of Child Care -- The Office of Child Care (OCC) is pleased to announce the release of two new Information Memoranda (IM) related to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery (EPRR). The first IM focuses on ensuring that states, territories, and tribal grantees have adequate guidance to develop and implement their disaster plans (or disaster plans for tribal grantees’ service areas). The second IM helps clarify federal policies on the flexible use of Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program funds in the event of extraordinary circumstances. Guidance on Statewide Disaster Plans. This IM provides guidance to assist CCDF lead agencies with the development of comprehens