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2016 Play Institute

2016 Play Institute June 2015 Tulsa, Oklahoma NICCA provided a professional development training for teachers and child care providers on the importance of uninterrupted play and how it helps children learn to self-regulate. The trainers are world renowned trainers Toni and Robin Christie from the Childspace Early Childhood Institute in Wellington, New Zealand. The training was motivational and educational and supported providers, directors, and administrators in: Better understanding the importance of uninterrupted play for children; Being respectful of children and the time they spend engaged in play; and Supporting and encouraging self-regulation among children. We also did two site visit

The Growing Patch - March 2016 Child Care Provider of the Month

Congratulations to Tarra Stangl and The Growing Patch in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They have been named Provider of the Month for March 2016! Providers like Stangl go above and beyond to excel in their field — and while being a child care provider started out as a means for some extra income, infant and toddler care soon became a passion for her. Stangl actively seeks out opportunities to improve her family child care home and grow her child development and parent engagement skills in order to be the best provider she can be. Family engagement is key at The Growing Patch, and starts from the moment children are dropped off for the day. Stangl intentionally staggers pick-up times so that she has an

Children and Zika: What Child Care Providers Need to Know

Webinar on children and the Zika virus - Wednesday, June 22, 4:00 p.m. EDT Child Care Aware® of America is pleased to announce a special webinar presented by experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Children's Health Team, and Pregnancy and Birth Defects Task Force. This webinar will include the most up-to-date information from the CDC, including: The basics of the Zika virus (how its spread, signs and symptoms, risk factors) The role of child care providers in prevention (mosquito control and repellent guidelines) Recommendations for pregnant mothers and parents considering pregnancy Webinar details: June 22, 4:00 p.m. EDT from your computer. Webinar will be record